Kyle Cooke Net Worth & Achievements

What is Kyle Cooke Net Worth?

Net Worth:$1.1 million
Source of Wealth:Actor
Date of Birth:November 13th, 1979
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Kyle Cooke Net Worth: Kyle Cookie is an exceptionally talented actor with an estimated net worth of $1.1 million. He has diversified into the entrepreneurial world. The actor, born on the 13th of November 1979, owns the Loverboy brand, which has its products in important retail stores in the US.

Cooke has also made positive societal impacts through his charity activities.

Early Life

Kyle Cooke was born into a wealthy family on the 13th of November 1979. He attended Chartiers-Houston High School, where his academic excellence continued to soar, setting the pace for his career and future endeavours. His journey had been wrapped in philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and success.

Cooke’s father was a businessman, and his son inherited his gene of business acumen. Kyle showed a keen interest in sports and academics from a tender age. His birthplace is the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Kyle Cooke hosts the podcast “Behind the Bar with Kyle Cooke”, which interviews different personalities and entrepreneurs. The popular actor graduated from Babson College and worked in the corporate world for years, soon becoming dissatisfied with his line of work. He quit his job and pursued his dream of being an entrepreneur.

He co-founded a nightclub called Nightjockey in an area in Washington DC in 2011, but after the club’s success for a few years, it eventually folded up in 2012.

Kyle got cast in a reality TV show called Summer House, featuring friends who spent their summer in the Hamptons together. The show became a bit, with Cooke being one of the most famous cast members. The show’s first season, which began in 2017, had him on screen.

Kyle Cooke launched his brand Loverboy, which makes hard seltzer with natural fruit juice, in 2019. The brand has sold about 3,000 stores throughout the United States and has become very successful. In addition to this business, he hosts podcasts and has real estate ventures.

Kyle Cooke net worth is estimated to be $1.1 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

Below are the highlights of his career:

  • 2011 – He co-founded a nightclub called “Nightjockey”, located in the city of Washington DC.
  • 2017 – He appeared in the reality TV show “Summer House” during its first season.
  • 2019 – He was named ‘100 Fastest Growing Companies” by Inc. Magazine.
  • 2019 – Kyle Cooke launched an alcohol brand called “Loverboy”, made with natural fruit juice.
  • 2020 – Kyle was named “30 Under 30” by Forbes.

Personal Life

The renowned actor married Amanda Batula, an art director and graphic designer, in September 2021. Kyle and Amanda crossed paths at a New York City bar and became friends immediately. They eventually started dating in 2015. The duo has no children yet but intends to start a family soon.

There have been some controversies surrounding Kyle Cooke while he was featured in the movie “Summer House”. He faced accusations of infidelity with Lindsay Hubbard, a fellow cast member of which he denied the allegations. The incident created a level of tension between him and Batula. This was during the first season of the show.

In the show’s second season, Kyle was seen making defamatory statements about Batula’s physical appearance. This led to arguments and fights between the duo as the words hurt Batula. However, the couple remained together regardless of these scandals, as they could work through the disagreements and became stronger than before.

Kyle is known for his character plays in “Summer House”, a reality TV show. Kyle’s romantic and love journey has been on screen, and he eventually got married to Amanda Batula, his romantic partner.

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Awards and Achievements

Kyle Cooke has numerous awards and recognitions to his name throughout his career. He has been featured in multiple podcasts, such as the How to Build a Business with Guy Taz and GaryVee Audio Experience. He has also been featured in several publications such as Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

In 2020, Kyle Cooke was named “100 Fastest Growing Companies” by Inc. Magazine, a testament to his success and growth in his brand, Loverboy. That same year, his business and entrepreneurial success were recognized by Forbes, and he was named “30 Under 30” under the category of Food and Drink.

He was given a Shorty Award nomination in 2021 under the category of Entrepreneur. The award was a recognition to individuals who link up with their target customers and push their businesses through social media.

Kyle Cooke Net Worth

Kyle Cooke net worth is estimated to be at $1.1 million. The famous Hollywood actor has several streams of income through which he earns a living. He makes a salary from his brand Loverboy, receives royalties from the movie Summer House, and bags sponsorships and endorsement deals.

His brand, Loverboy, launched in 2019, has been his major income source and sold in about 3,000 stores throughout the United States. As a result of his earnings from the movie “Summer House, his endorsement, sponsorship, and business ventures,


The famous actor Kyle Cookie has a large heart and has positively impacted society through his charity and philanthropy.

He helped raise over 1.1 million dollars and donated a part of his brand “Loverboy” sales to the American Cancer Society’s Cattle Barron’s Ball. The fundraising event was targeted at cancer research. He was actively involved in making the fundraising event in 2019.

Kyle Cookie helped raise about 5 thousand dollars for the End Childhood Cancer Walk/Run, which was by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the year 2021; he introduced about 50 thousand dollars and donated a part of his brand, Loverboy sales, to provide food for needy children. He did this in collaboration with a non-profit organization called No Kid Hungry Organization. This impacted the lives of these children.

Real Estate

Cooke’s strategic investments and love for luxury are seen in the worth of his properties and real estate holdings. Kyle Cooke has several properties and real estate investments in the Hamptons and the city of New York.

Kyle Cooke net worth was estimated to be about $1.1 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate

Notable Kyle Cooke’s Quotes

I’m not a fan of drama, but I’m a fan of entertainment,  Kyle Cooke.

I’m not going to apologize for being myself. I’m Kyle Cooke, here to stay.- Kyle Cooke.

I’m not a bad person. I’m just a bad drunk. – Kyle Cooke

Life Lessons to Learn From Kyle Cooke’s Success

1. Building Lasting Relationships

The lasting relationship between Kyle and Amanda Batula exemplifies the importance of compromise and communication in building lasting relationships. Despite the challenges and scandals the actor has been dragged into, they resolved their issues.

2. Positive Societal Impact

Kyle Cookie has greatly impacted the lives of children, youths, and adults through his active involvement and donation of funds to charity events. Through his support, a lot of causes have gained huge relevance.

3. Financial Intelligence

Kyle’s ability to venture into the business world through his brand and other real estate investments highlights his intelligence in securing and building wealth.

4. Balancing Private and Public Life

The famous actor’s life portrays one’s ability to effectively balance the rewards and challenges of building a personal life in public eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions – Kyle Cooke Net Worth

Does Kyle Cooke play baseball?

No, Kyle Cooke is not a baseball player but enjoys watching the game.

Is his brand, Loverboy, making profits?

In 2022, the brand generated about 16 million dollars in sales, and its engaged community presence and brand story have yielded huge results. The brand is available nationwide in all key retail shops, such as Kroger, Whole Foods, and Total Wine. Like Cookie said, “We’ve grown fast and furiously since we first launched”.

What is Kyle Cooke’s present occupation?

Kyle Cooke is a famous actor who performs in theatre and modern media like television and radio. He is an actor and the CEO of the company “Loverboy” and has many sponsorships and endorsement deals.

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Final Thoughts

The popular actor has impacted society greatly through his philanthropism and exceptional performance in the entertainment industry. Not only is he an actor, but he is also a successful businessman and the CEO of the Loverboy brand.

As of 2024, Kyle Cooke net worth was estimated to be $1.1 million.

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