Marion Barber Net Worth & Achievements

What is Marion Barber Net Worth?

Net Worth: $5 million
Source of Wealth:Football Player
Date of Birth:June 10th, 1983
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Marion Barber Net Worth: Marion Barber is an American professional football player with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

However, not minding the amount of money that he had, Marion was always humble. He is 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m) tall.

In 2022, his body was discovered inside his apartment in Frisco, Texas. He died of heat stroke.

Early Life

Sylvester was born on 10th June 1983, in Plymouth, Minnesota. He died on the 1st of June 2022, in Frisco. Although Sylvester died at 38, he was an NFL star. He averaged 4.1 yards for each carrying.

Also, he was an outstanding track, football, and baseball player while he was in High School. Back then, they chose him as a senior in the All-State team to be the defensive back and running back.

He furthered his studies at the University of Minnesota, where he joined a football team, the Minnesota Golden Gophers. He was a dedicated student who loves sports. Sylvester also participated in track events and baseball.


Generally, Sylvester spent seven years in the NFL including the time he spent with the Cowboys. Sylvester’s career did not start all rosy, it was in 2006 that he gained popularity. That year, he won a game as the third-down rusher.

The Dallas Cowboys drafted Sylvester after he had a commendable college career. When he finished his junior year in college, he became a member of the Dallas Cowboys. Due to his excellent performance, the squad promoted him to the starter.

The next year, he led his league and they were able to break tackles. Later that year, he earned the moniker “Marion the Barbarian.” In 2007, he was named to the Pro Bowl although he split his time with Julius Jones.

He was able to rush 975 yards and 11 touchdowns even though he did not start the game. In 2008, he signed a seven years contract with the Cowboys. It was a contract of forty-five million dollars and a restricted free agency contract with an assured sixteen million dollars.

He left the Cowboys in 2010 and signed with the Chicago Bears. He stayed with them for a season and retired afterward. One of the major reasons why he had to retire was because of his severe injuries. Nonetheless, the Chicago Bears accepted him for eight months.

Marion Barber net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2001 – Qualification for the State Class AA Championship of Minnesota. This was while he played in the 100 meters.
  • He was able to rush for 1,778 yards, 10 interceptions, and 18 touchdowns during his first season with the Trojans.
  • He gained an Honorable Mention in Baseball, “All-Conference Center Fielder”
  • 2005 – Beginning of Marion’s Career in Football.
  • He signed a five year contract with the Dallas Cowboys in the same year.
  • Selection to become a member of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Spent about Seven seasons in the National Football League
  • Marion was moved to fullback due to his success
  • He was able to round up his career as the fourth-leading rusher in his school, with 3,276 yards on the ground.
  • Marion made history when he joined the Laurence Maroney in Division I of NCAA when he carried for one thousand yards in consecutive seasons. He was the very first teammate to do that.
  • At some point in his career, he had 35 rushing touchdowns and 4,495 all-purpose yards.
  • 2011 – Marion signed a 2-years contract with Chicago Bears. The contract was worth five million dollars.
  • He equally outperformed the famous Chester Taylor as a leading running back.

Personal Life

Marion had his issues to deal with. An incident occurred in 2014, which he was a part of and the police detained him to carry out a mental examination. Five years later, while he was out running, he caused damage to 2 cars and was arrested on 2 counts of criminal mischief.

Not minding that he made a plea of no contest, he was fined 2,000 dollars, sixty hours of community service, then a one-year probation. The court decision was made in April 2022. On 1st June 2022, he was found dead in Frisco, while in his apartment.

After an autopsy, it was discovered that the 38-year-old star died of heat stroke. It was an accidental death because further reports revealed that his thermostat was set to 33 °C (91°F).

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Awards and Achievements

In 2007, he won the Pro Bowl.

Marion Barber Net Worth

Marion Barber net worth is estimated to be $5 million. However, most of his income was from playing football, not side gigs.

Marion Barber played in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears. He gained recognition for his powerful running style and was known for his contributions to the teams during his career.

His earnings during his playing days, endorsements, investments, and subsequent ventures may have contributed to his overall net worth. Also, he signed a contract with the Cowboys. It was a 45-million-dollar deal with a guarantee of sixteen million dollars.

Notable Marion Barber’s Quotes

It was just a gradual build-up. I would take a certain topic and really focus on that for a period of time, and then move on from there. Marion Barber

I want to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity to play, and I’m very thankful to have had the chance to suit up for two of the NFL’s most storied organizations. Marion Barber

I owe a lot to a lot of coaches and am also very grateful to the owners and organizations I played for. Last but not least, I want to thank the fans for the support and inspiration they gave me.- Marion Barber

Life Lessons to Learn From Marion Barber’s Success

We have discussed the history of Marion Barber and whilst doing so, there were notable lessons to learn.

1. Balanced Career

He completed high school and college. However, he was able to balance his career and school activities. One can learn to do that.

2. Put in the Work

In everything that Marion did, he was always good at it because he was able to put in the required effort.

Frequently Asked Questions – Marion Barber Net Worth

What happened to Marion?

He died. Marion Barber is a running back for Cowboy, of Collin County in Texas. The Medical Examiner’s Office in Texas determined that his death was a result of a heat stroke. This was confirmed by the Police Department.

Why did Marion Barber decide to retire?

In 2007, Marion Barber won the Pro Bowl while he was still a part of the Cowboys. In the last season before his retirement, he struggled a lot. 2010 was not so easy for him because he sustained injuries and had issues keeping up, his squad got rid of him.

Did Marion Barber make it to the Hall of Fame?

No. Not minding that he was part of the Cowboys, he only won the Pro Bowl and some remarkable touchdowns. Nonetheless, he was a great player. He was not able to win any MVP.

How long did Marion Barber play in the National Football League?

Marion is an American Footballer and he played for about seven seasons in the NFL. He played from 10th June 1983 to 1st June 2022. In 2005, the Dallas Cowboys drafted him in the 4th round of the NFL Draft. Before then, he was playing for the Minnesota Golden Cowboys.

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Final Thoughts

Marion Barber is an American Footballer. He died in 2022, at the age of 38. He died of heat stroke. Regardless, he made millions of money from his career and his net worth is estimated five million dollars. His death is a sad one but he was indeed a star.

As of 2024, Marion Barber net worth was estimated to be $5 million.

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