35 Top Nas Quotes (with Commentary)

Nas, born Nasir Jones, is not only a legendary figure in the world of hip-hop but also a profound lyricist whose words transcend the boundaries of music to offer insights into life, society, and the human condition.

His lyrics are a blend of raw honesty, poetic profundity, and street-smart wisdom, reflecting his experiences growing up in Queensbridge, New York, and his observations on life’s complexities.

Nas’s quotes often touch on themes of resilience, self-discovery, the struggles of life in the inner city, and the pursuit of dreams amidst adversity.

He navigates topics ranging from personal growth and self-identity to broader social and political issues, delivering messages that resonate with a diverse audience. His ability to articulate the nuances of the human experience has earned him a place not just as a rapper but as a modern-day philosopher in the public eye.

Here are some top Nas quotes.

Nas Quotes

“On The Power of Dreams”

“I know I can, be what I wanna be. If I work hard at it, I’ll be where I wanna be.” – Nas

This quote from Nas embodies the essence of self-belief and the power of determination. It’s a testament to the idea that our dreams are achievable through hard work and perseverance.

Through his lyrics, Nas often inspires listeners to relentlessly pursue their goals. This line, in particular, has become a motivational mantra for many, reminding us that our potential is limited only by our willingness to strive for it.

“On Overcoming Adversity”

“Life’s a bitch and then you die; that’s why we get high, cause you never know when you’re gonna go.” – Nas

This quote highlights the harsh realities of life and the human coping mechanisms. Nas doesn’t shy away from expressing the grittier aspects of existence, acknowledging that life can be tough and unpredictable.

This line, while somewhat grim, also serves as a reminder to appreciate the present and find joy amidst life’s challenges. It’s a raw reflection on life’s impermanence and the need to find solace in whatever way one can.

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“Reflecting on the Past”

“No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s never what you do, but how it’s done.” – Nas

Nas here touches upon the concept of originality in creativity. He suggests that while ideas may not be entirely new, their execution makes all the difference.

This quote is particularly relevant in the artistic world, where authenticity and personal touch are highly valued. It encourages artists and thinkers to focus not just on what they create, but on the unique perspective and style they bring to their work.

“On The Journey of Self-Discovery”

“If the truth is told, the youth can grow. They learn to survive until they gain control.” – Nas

This quote underscores the importance of honesty and education in youth development. Nas believes in empowering the younger generation with truth and knowledge, enabling them to navigate life’s complexities.

It’s a call for societal responsibility to guide and educate the young, providing them with the tools they need to thrive and eventually take control of their own lives.

“On The Essence of Life”

“Life is parallel to Hell but I must maintain.” – Nas

In this quote, Nas conveys the idea that life, while often challenging and akin to ‘Hell’, requires resilience and composure

It’s a stark reminder of the trials and tribulations we all face, but also a message of strength and endurance. Nas encourages listeners to persist through difficulties, maintaining a sense of self and purpose amidst life’s chaos.

“The Value of Time”

“Time is illmatic, keep static like wool fabric.” – Nas

This quote plays on the title of Nas’s iconic album “Illmatic” to emphasize the fluid and often elusive nature of time.

By comparing it to ‘static wool fabric’, Nas suggests that time, while constant, can be unpredictable and hard to grasp. This metaphor serves as a reminder of time’s preciousness and the importance of making the most of every moment.

“The Power of Words”

“Words of wisdom from Nas, try to rise up above.” – Nas

Here, Nas is essentially providing a meta-commentary on his role as a lyrical philosopher. He’s encouraging listeners to take heed of his words and use them as a tool for personal growth and elevation.

This quote speaks to the transformative power of music and poetry, and Nas’s understanding of the influence his words can have in guiding and inspiring others.

“Embracing Change”

“Everything will eventually come to an end. So try to savor the moments, cuz time flies, don’t it?” – Nas

This quote from Nas reflects on the transient nature of life and the importance of cherishing each moment.

It speaks to the inevitability of change and the fleeting nature of time, urging us to appreciate our experiences and the people around us. Nas’s words remind us to live in the present and savor life’s journey, despite its impermanence.

“Understanding Life’s Struggles”

“Through the lights, cameras, and action, glamour glitters and gold, I unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe.” – Nas

Here, Nas delves into the reality behind the allure of fame and fortune. He acknowledges the dazzling aspects of success but also hints at a deeper purpose – to influence and inspire.

This quote suggests a mission beyond personal gain, where success is a platform for broader impact, planting ideas and thoughts that resonate globally.

“The Journey of Growth”

“I never sleep, ’cause sleep is the cousin of death.” – Nas

This iconic line from Nas emphasizes vigilance and the constant pursuit of growth. By likening sleep to death, he metaphorically speaks to the danger of complacency and inactivity.

It’s a powerful reminder to stay awake in the metaphorical sense – to be aware, ambitious, and always striving for improvement and understanding.

“The Complexity of Life”

“The world is yours.” – Nas

A simple yet profound statement, this quote is about empowerment and potential. Nas is saying that the opportunities in life are boundless and that the power to shape one’s destiny lies within.

It’s an optimistic view of life’s possibilities, encouraging individuals to take charge of their path and make the most of the world around them.

“The Wisdom of Experience”

“Trust your own judgement, live with it and love it.” – Nas

Nas here advocates for self-trust and confidence in one’s decisions. He emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself and accepting the choices one makes.

This quote encourages personal accountability and self-love, suggesting that living with and loving your decisions is crucial for personal growth and peace of mind.

“The Power of Persistence”

“Bravehearted and strong, definition of a thug, where you must fight on.” – Nas

In this quote, Nas defines the essence of resilience and courage. He paints a picture of strength not just in physical terms, but in the steadfastness of spirit and the ability to endure challenges.

It’s a call to persist against the odds, to keep fighting and maintain courage in the face of adversity, encapsulating the spirit of determination and resilience.

“Resilience in Adversity”

“Turn up the mic, wave my life on the beat.” – Nas

This quote reflects Nas’s approach to music as a canvas for his life experiences. He views the act of making music as a way to project his journey, using the microphone as a tool to amplify his story.

It speaks to the resilience and vulnerability of sharing one’s life through art and the therapeutic power of expressing oneself creatively.

“The Pursuit of Knowledge”

“Read more, learn more, change the globe.” – Nas

Here, Nas emphasizes the importance of education and knowledge in making a global impact. He suggests that learning is not just a personal endeavor but a tool for societal change.

This quote inspires a quest for knowledge, urging individuals to educate themselves as a means to contribute positively to the world.

“Legacy and Influence”

“I want to have fun and fly kites and be a kid as long as I can.” – Nas

In this quote, Nas expresses a desire to maintain a sense of childlike wonder and joy throughout life.

He emphasizes the importance of not losing one’s inner child amidst the complexities of adulthood. It’s a reminder of the value of simplicity, joy, and the freedom that comes with maintaining a youthful spirit.

“Reflections on Success”

“Success is my only option, failure’s not.” – Nas

This quote is a powerful declaration of determination and ambition. Nas is stating that he accepts nothing less than success, completely rejecting the possibility of failure.

It speaks to the mindset of unwavering commitment to one’s goals and the relentless pursuit of achievement.

“The Essence of Authenticity”

“Stay true to yourself, and you will end up incredibly happy.” – Nas

Nas here advocates for authenticity and the importance of staying true to one’s own identity.

He implies that true happiness is found in being genuine and not compromising one’s values and beliefs. This quote encourages individuals to embrace their true selves as the key to lasting happiness.

“The Journey to Fulfillment”

“My poetry’s deep, I never fell.” – Nas

In this line, Nas is expressing confidence in his artistry and the depth of his work. He equates his poetry with a sense of resilience and strength.

This quote reflects the belief that staying true to one’s art form and expressing oneself authentically is a path to fulfillment and success.

“The Power of Perspective”

“Life is what you make it, so make it.” – Nas

This quote encapsulates the idea that we have the power to shape our own lives. Nas is encouraging a proactive approach to life, where individuals take charge of their destiny.

It’s a reminder that our perspective and actions play a crucial role in how our life unfolds, urging us to actively participate in creating our reality.

“Embracing the Journey”

“It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.” – Nas

This quote from Nas emphasizes the importance of the present and one’s current trajectory over past circumstances.

It’s a powerful reminder that our origins do not define us; rather, it’s our current actions and mindset that shape our identity and future. Nas encourages listeners to focus on their current path and progress, rather than being anchored by their background.

“The Art of Storytelling”

“I rap for listeners, bluntheads, fly ladies, and prisoners.” – Nas

Here, Nas acknowledges the diverse audience that connects with his music. He recognizes that his art resonates with a wide spectrum of people, from the casual listener to those facing challenging circumstances.

This quote highlights the universal appeal of storytelling through music and the ability of an artist to touch different lives across various walks of life.

“Finding Inner Peace”

“I’m destined to live the dream for all my peeps who never made it.” – Nas

Nas reflects on his success as not just a personal achievement but as a tribute to those who didn’t have the same opportunities.

This quote speaks to the sense of responsibility and gratitude he feels towards his community. It’s a poignant reminder of the importance of remembering one’s roots and using success to honor those who have influenced our journey.

“The Value of Self-Reflection”

“Self-educated, my decisions are calculated.” – Nas

In this quote, Nas speaks to the power of self-education and deliberate decision-making. He implies that through self-taught knowledge and reflection, one’s choices become more thoughtful and intentional.

It’s a testament to the value of independent learning and the wisdom gained through personal experiences.

“Overcoming Life’s Challenges”

“I never brag, how real I keep it, cause it’s the best secret.” – Nas

This line is about the humility and authenticity that Nas maintains in his life and music. He suggests that staying true to oneself is a personal principle rather than a bragging right.

This quote reflects the virtue of modesty and the strength of being genuine, even in the face of success and fame.

“The Importance of Resilience”

“Fear is stronger than love, remember that.” – Nas

Nas offers a poignant observation on human emotion here, highlighting the powerful and often overriding nature of fear compared to love.

This quote challenges listeners to recognize and confront their fears, understanding their potential impact on their lives and relationships.

“Reflections on Legacy”

“I wanna rap about my history but where to begin.” – Nas

In this line, Nas touches on the complexity and depth of his personal history and experiences. It speaks to the challenge of encapsulating a rich, multifaceted life into art.

This quote is a contemplation of the process of storytelling and the introspection required to share one’s legacy through music.

“The Power of Influence”

“Money is my bitch.” – Nas

This controversial quote from Nas highlights his perspective on wealth and its control. It’s a bold statement about mastering financial power rather than being controlled by it.

This line reflects Nas’s views on economic empowerment and the significance of having a commanding relationship with money in a world where financial status often dictates influence and opportunity.

“Seeking Authenticity”

“I speak at schools a lot because they say I’m intelligent.” – Nas

Here, Nas discusses his role as an influencer beyond music, particularly in educational settings. This quote reflects his recognition of his intelligence and the value it holds in shaping young minds.

It’s a testament to his commitment to using his influence responsibly and contributing positively to society, particularly in inspiring the youth.

“Understanding One’s Purpose”

“Everyday is new, it’s just a new day. I look at six hours at a time.” – Nas

In this quote, Nas expresses his approach to life as a series of manageable segments, focusing on the immediate six hours ahead.

This perspective allows for a more present and concentrated approach to daily life, emphasizing the importance of living in the moment and handling life one step at a time.

“Reflecting on Personal Growth”

“When I was younger, I was so eager. I wanted to be everything but myself.” – Nas

Nas reflects on his younger years, acknowledging his past eagerness to fit different roles and identities.

This quote speaks to the common journey of self-discovery and the eventual realization of the importance of being true to oneself. It’s a candid admission of his growth and the maturation of his self-perception over time.

“The Power of Music”

“Music has the power to heal all, but not all have the power to heal through music.” – Nas

Here, Nas acknowledges the universal healing power of music while also recognizing that not everyone possesses the ability to heal others through their musical talent.

This quote highlights the unique gift of impactful artists who can touch and heal through their art, a talent that Nas himself has demonstrated throughout his career.

“Perseverance Against Odds”

“Surviving the times, I battle through with rhymes.” – Nas

In this quote, Nas speaks to his use of music and poetry as tools for navigating life’s challenges. His lyrics serve as a means to confront and overcome difficulties, reflecting his resilience and the therapeutic power of artistic expression.

It underscores how he has used his talent to persevere through various stages of his life and career.

“The Insight of Experience”

“My window faces shootouts, drug overdoses. Live amongst no roses, only the drama, for real.” – Nas

This quote from Nas offers a raw glimpse into the harsh realities he has witnessed. It reflects the intense and often grim experiences of urban life, emphasizing the absence of beauty and peace in such environments.

Nas’s words paint a vivid picture of the struggles faced by many in impoverished communities, highlighting the need for awareness and change.

“The Dynamics of Change”

“Much success to you, even if you wish me the opposite.” – Nas

Here, Nas extends a message of goodwill even to those who may not wish the same for him. This quote exemplifies a high level of maturity and grace, showing that he chooses to rise above negativity and ill will.

It’s a powerful statement on personal growth and the choice to foster positivity in the face of adversity.

“The Power of Self-Belief”

“I never let them crack me, I never let them break me.” – Nas

This quote is a declaration of Nas’s mental resilience and unbreakable spirit. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s integrity and strength in the face of external pressures and challenges.

It’s a message of empowerment, encouraging self-belief and inner fortitude as a means to withstand life’s trials.

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Final Thought

Nas offer a compelling glimpse into the mind of one of hip-hop’s most influential and thought-provoking artists.

Through his poignant words, Nas provides more than just lyrical entertainment; he offers wisdom, encourages introspection, and inspires resilience. His reflections on life, struggles, success, and personal growth resonate not just with fans of his music but with anyone navigating the complexities of the human experience.

Nas’s ability to articulate profound truths and raw realities in a few succinct words cements his status not only as a legendary rapper but also as a cultural icon whose impact extends beyond music into the realms of philosophy and social commentary. His quotes continue to inspire, challenge, and enlighten, embodying the enduring power of words to influence and transform.

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