Nate Burleson Net Worth & Achievements

What is Nate Burleson Net Worth?

Net Worth:$18 million
Source of Wealth:Host and Football Player
Date of Birth:August 19th, 1981
Country of Origin:Canada
Last Updated:2024

Nate Burleson Net Worth: Nate Burleson is a Canadian television host and former professional football player with an estimated net worth of $18 million, He has established himself as a prominent figure in the sports and entertainment industry.

His successful career as a former NFL wide receiver, coupled with his transition into television as a co-host on CBS’s “The NFL Today” and a correspondent for “Extra,” has significantly contributed to his financial portfolio

Early Life

Nate Burleson was born on August 19, 1981, in Calgary, Canada. His early life was marked by a significant move when his father, Alvin Burleson, a former professional football player, ended his playing career due to an injury and relocated the family to Seattle, Washington.

In Seattle, Nate continued his education, attending Rainier View Elementary School, Lindbergh High School, and then transferring to O’Dea High School.

His athletic prowess was evident early on, as he was named Seattle Times City Athlete of the Year during his senior year at O’Dea High School. Additionally, Burleson was a talented track and field athlete, excelling in sprints and hurdles and winning the state title in the 300-meter hurdles in 1999​​​​.


Nate Burleson’s NFL career began in 2003 when he was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. He had a standout 2004 season, particularly shining in Randy Moss’s absence by surpassing 1,000 receiving yards.

Notably, he holds an NFL record for three punt returns over 90 yards. In 2006, he joined the Seattle Seahawks, setting a team record for most punt return yards in a season, although a knee injury in 2008 was a setback.

Burleson moved to the Detroit Lions in 2010, where he was recognized for his media-friendly demeanor, earning the “Good Guy Award” in 2011. However, a car accident in 2013 led to a forearm injury, impacting his performance. He briefly joined the Cleveland Browns in 2014 but was released the same year.

Post-retirement, Burleson transitioned to broadcasting, starting with the NFL Network and then moving to CBS, where he won a Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Studio Analyst in 2021​

Nate Burleson net worth is estimated to be $18 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2004: Surpassed 1,000 receiving yards with the Minnesota Vikings.
  • 2006: Signed a seven-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks.
  • 2010: Signed with the Detroit Lions, reuniting with former offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.
  • 2011: Received the Media-Friendly “Good Guy Award” from the Detroit Lions.
  • 2014: Briefly played for the Cleveland Browns before transitioning to a broadcasting career.
  • 2021: Won a Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Studio Analyst.

Personal Life

Nate Burleson’s personal life is marked by a strong family foundation and deep-rooted connections. Born in Canada and raised in Seattle, Washington, Burleson carries a sense of pride in his Canadian heritage, symbolized by a maple leaf tattoo.

This cultural identity extends to his expressed interest in representing Canada in international football competitions, reflecting his ties to his birthplace.

In his personal relationships, Nate Burleson is married to Atoya Burleson, a podcast host. The couple’s story began in their college years and led to their marriage in March 2003.

Together, they have built a life that includes three children – two sons and a daughter. Their long-standing relationship reflects a stable and supportive family environment.

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Awards and Achievements

Nate Burleson has had a remarkable career in sports and broadcasting, marked by several significant achievements. He started his NFL journey with the Minnesota Vikings, drafted in the third round of the 2003 NFL Draft, and later played for the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, and Cleveland Browns.

A highlight of his career includes being the only player in NFL history to have three punt returns of 90 or more yards. Burleson set a record for the Seahawks for most punt return yards in a single season and career punt return yards.

While with the Detroit Lions, he received the Media-Friendly “Good Guy Award” from the Detroit Lions-Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association/Pro Football Writers Association in 2011.

After his NFL career, Burleson transitioned to broadcasting, where he has been equally successful. He began as an analyst for the NFL Network and later joined the NFL on CBS team as a studio analyst for The NFL Today.

His excellence in broadcasting was recognized with a Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Studio Analyst in 2021. Furthermore, Burleson was inducted into the East-West Shrine Bowl Hall of Fame and received the Excellence Award from the New York Association of Black Journalists.

Nate Burleson Net Worth

Nate Burleson net worth is estimated to be $18 million. Nate Burleson, a former NFL wide receiver and now a renowned television personality, has amassed a significant net worth from his varied career.

His wealth originates from his NFL career, where he played for teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, and Cleveland Browns, signing major contracts like a seven-year $49 million deal with the Seahawks and a five-year $25 million contract with the Lions.

After retiring from football, Burleson transitioned to broadcasting, working as an analyst for the NFL Network and co-anchoring CBS Mornings.

He reportedly earns around $2 million from CBS Mornings and had a $2.7 million deal covering his roles at CBS Sports and the NFL Network. Additionally, his net worth is bolstered by personal investments, including a real estate portfolio and a car collection.

Real Estate

Nate Burleson has made significant investments in real estate, reflecting his success both on and off the field. He owned a luxurious estate in Newcastle, WA, which showcased impressive landscaping, outdoor amenities like a stunning infinity pool and hot tub, and an expansive patio area.

The home itself blended modern and traditional design elements, featuring vaulted ceilings, expansive windows, a grand staircase and other fantastic features. This estate was listed for $2.95 million, indicative of its high value and the opulence of the property​.

Additionally, Burleson owned a mansion in Scottsdale, AZ. Purchased in 2015 for $1.92 million, this property underwent a significant makeover before being listed for $1,975,000. The 6,000-square-foot mansion was set in a gated community adjacent to the Starfire Golf Course.

Nate Burleson net worth is estimated to be about $18 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.


Nate Burleson’s commitment to charity and philanthropy is evident through his involvement in various community-based initiatives.

One notable effort is the Nate Burleson Family Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Burleson and his wife, Atoya. This foundation focuses on supporting underprivileged youth through a variety of programs.

These programs include educational scholarships, sports camps and clinics, mentoring, and leadership development​

These programs include educational scholarships, sports camps and clinics, mentoring, and leadership development​​.The establishment of this foundation illustrates Burleson’s dedication to giving back to the community, especially in areas that foster youth development and education.

Notable Nate Burleson’s Quotes

We don’t have anyone with bad haircuts, which is a good thing. Louis Delmas has some pretty nice dreads. He’s a Florida boy, so they know how to do it. He gets the title.- Nate Burleson

For sure Tupac [Shakur]. Without a doubt. I have to have Pac at the party doing it!- Nate Burleson

I don’t like to put outrageous titles on young guys’ heads, but he could be one of the best at that position. All it’s going to take are longevity and health. If he has those two things by his side, he’ll be one of the best.- Nate Burleson

Life Lessons to Learn From Nate Burleson’s Success

1. Embrace Continuous Learning

Nate Burleson’s admiration for Calvin Johnson’s ability to continuously learn and improve highlights the importance of being a lifelong learner. Success is not just about having natural talents or physical attributes; it’s also about the willingness to absorb new knowledge and skills, which can be applied both professionally and personally.

2. Value Individuality

Burleson’s comments on haircuts and style underscore the importance of embracing individuality. Success often comes from standing out, not blending in. Celebrating uniqueness and being confident in one’s own style or approach can lead to personal and professional achievements.

3. Recognize the Potential in Others

Burleson’s perspective on not rushing to label young talents, but rather acknowledging their potential and the importance of health and longevity, teaches us the value of patience and foresight in recognizing and nurturing potential. Success can be a journey of growth and development, and it’s vital to support and encourage potential in others as they progress.

Frequently Asked Questions – Nate Burleson Net Worth

How did Nate Burleson break his arm?

In September 2013, Nate Burleson suffered a fracture in his forearm in two places due to a car accident. The accident occurred when he was trying to prevent a pizza from falling off the seat in his car, leading to him losing control of the vehicle.

How many years did Nate Burleson play for the Detroit Lions?

Nate Burleson played for the Detroit Lions for four seasons, from 2010 to 2013.

Who is Nate Burleson married to now?

Nate Burleson is married to Atoya Burleson. The couple met during their college years at the University of Nevada, where Atoya was a track star.

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Final Thoughts

Reflecting on Nate Burleson’s net worth, it’s evident that his achievements both on and off the football field have played a pivotal role in his financial prosperity.

His journey from a professional athlete to a media personality showcases not only a successful career transition but also a savvy understanding of personal branding and marketability.

Nate Burleson’s net worth, thus, is a testament to his hard work, versatility, and adaptability in various professional arenas.

As of 2024, Nate Burleson net worth is estimated to be $18 million.

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