Spencer Elden Net Worth & Achievements

What is Spencer Elden Net Worth?

songwriter, singer, and rapper$1 million
Source of Wealth:Painter, Model and Artist
Date of Birth:February 1st, 1991
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Spencer Elden Net Worth: Spencer is an American painter, model and artist with an estimated net worth of $1 million. Spencer Elden was the baby that appeared on the Nevermind album by Nirvana rock band. He was born to Mr. and Mrs. Rick Elden and resides in California. He was nicknamed due to this photo. He is a young painter, entrepreneur, music enthusiast, and model. He has worked with many art brands, and his paintings have quite

a lot of value on the market. He is said to be a huge fan and collector of music, amongst other things.

Early Life

Nicknamed Nirvana Nevermind Baby, Spence Elden is a recognized American-based model, artist, and painter. He was born on 7 February 1991. He was born to Rick Elden and his wife. His father was a businessman, and his mother was a stay-at-home mum. He has one sibling, making them a family of four.

He began to show a strong interest in painting and Art at a very young age. He got his degree in Art from the Pasadena’s Art Centre College of Design. However, he came into the limelight after appearing on the renowned rock band America’s Nirvana’s Nevermind album cover photo. The photo of Elden helped the band gain massive publicity when they released the album on 24 September 1991.


Spencer Elden’s appearance on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind album was his ticket to unprecedented fame, and he was barely four months old. He enjoyed swimming as a child, and a photo of him as a baby swimming in the pool, naked, and trying to get a dollar attached to a fishing pole was so fascinating that the band used it as a cover photo.

Elden appeared again in the spotlight after he accused Nirvana of exploiting his photo sexually and in a pornographic sense. He made it clear that he had not signed off on using the said photo or had given any verbal agreement that could relate to his willingness to have the image used in such a manner.

He has gone further to say that the dollar the child is trying to reach implies that the child was involved in sexual work for cash. The album cover, however, was said to have brought a new and fresh look to rock music.

Spencer Elden was reported to have served for five years at Shepherd Fairey. His passion for Art also extends to music, and he owns an extensive collection of music.

Spencer Elden net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1991 – He won the Baby Face of 1991 for the cover photo on Nirvana’s Nevermind rock album.

Personal Life

Spencer Elden has no spouse and has never been married. There are speculations resulting from his Facebook posts and travel memories that he has a lady in his life. However, the person of this lady has yet to be revealed.

Spencer was raised by his father, Mr. Rick Elden. He was a businessman, and his wife was a stay-at-home mother. Spencer has one sibling, making them a family of four. The public doesn’t know the sibling’s name, only that she’s a sister.

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Spencer Elden Net Worth

Spencer Elden net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Spencer Elden is a professional model, entrepreneur, and painter. He also dabbled in music. He is reported to have collaborated with many agencies and brands and has amassed a lot of wealth from it. He has worked with many art-renowned art creators and enthusiasts since he started as an artist.

Notable Spencer Elden’s Quotes

My mum has a crazy story. When she was young, she says she had some vision that her baby would be everywhere. – Spencer Elden.

It is weird being part of such a culturally iconic image because I had nothing to do with it. But it’s opened doors for me – Spencer Elden.

I don’t think my parents gave me taking part in this shoot too much thought. – Spencer Elden.

Life Lessons to Learn From Spencer Elden’s Success

1. Art Enthusiast

Spencer is a true appreciator of the arts. Aside from being a painter, which he mainly earns from, he dabbles in other art forms like modeling and music. He is a person who resonates with modern art forms and trends in most of his work.

2. Passion Driven

His avid interest and passion for his work as a painter have pushed him to the world stage. He has worked with many agencies and has his paintings on the market. He is constantly improving himself and his hand at the profession he loves. He also shows the same interest in music as he is a big fan and collector of music.

3. Entrepreneurship

Spencer Elden is an entrepreneur alongside his work as a painter and model. He has continued to broaden his scope and find more things to add to his interests. He goes fully into anything he is currently working on, which has shown positive feedback in his journey as an entrepreneur.

Frequently Asked Questions – Spencer Elden Net Worth

What is Spencer Elden’s Birth date?

Spencer Elden was born on 7 February 1991 to Mr. and Mrs. Rick Elden.

What made Spencer Elden famous?

Elden had appeared on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind as a toddler, but he was naked in a swimming pool trying to get to a dollar bill. Spencer deems publicizing that image as commercialization and sexual exploitation of a child’s body. He filed a lawsuit because of this issue, but it was dismissed as such cases have a statute of limitations of 10 years, which had already passed.

Was the baby on the Nirvana Cover paid, and how much?

In an interview in 2008 with National Public Radio, Rick Elden, Spencer’s father, confirmed that the family had been paid 200 dollars for the photo. The album pushed the band Nirvana into fame and made way for more successful hits from the rock band.

Did the lawsuit filed against Nirvana end in Spencer’s favor?

Due to the statute of limitations of 10 years, Elden’s lawsuit against the rock band was dismissed. He had argued that the photo implied child sexual exploitation and abuse.

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Final Thoughts

Popularly known as Nirvana Baby, Spencer Elden is a promising young artist, painter, model, and music collector. His appearance in the limelight had happened in an unprecedented way from childhood, but he has agreed that he had sometimes leverage on the popularity in his career. The album that he appeared on, Nevermind, pushed the rock band Nirvana into fame in 1991 and paved the way for other hits that defined their careers as music artists.

He is a painter and artist expected to grow further in the coming years.

As of 2024, Spencer Elden net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

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