10 Success Lessons from Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is among the greatest boxers the world has ever seen. He was very spectacular in the ring. Although he wasn’t loved by all, he still made his way to greatness.

Anybody who has ever achieved greatness has always been detested by some. A prominent example of this is Mike Tyson.

He has achieved so much in his boxing career, this can be attributed to his will and drive for success, in and out of the boxing ring.

Here are some lessons to learn form his life as well as from his famous remarks.

Success Lessons from Mike Tyson

1. Your Mindset

Mike believed that up to 90% of the boxing sport was mental, it had to do with the psychological, and only 10% was based on the physical.

When I fight someone, I want to break his will.  I want to rip out his heart and show it to him. – Mike Tyson

Having the right mindset puts you on a whole different level entirely. The drive is different. You may not have the right skill to chase down what you desire. But if you have the right mindset, you’ll learn, and you will keep growing.

No matter what comes your way, the right mindset will make you persevere. It will also give you the patience to be steadfast while telling yourself something will work; you’ll start to become an expert at that particular ability or craft.

2. Be Willing to Work Hard

That lazy feeling that comes with skipping school, skipping work, and not putting in some extra hours has to be checkmated. It has to be stopped.

There will always be the greater ones and the regular ones. Like it or not, while you decide to go partying, someone is out there struggling, studying, training, and putting in the extra work.

Tyson wouldn’t succumb to any pressures that would prevent him from making that extra effort required. There’s someone out there working hard while you’re out having fun and partying.

It might not seem necessary to you, and you might decide it’s okay to skip a few days here and there of the extra little bit of effort. However, whether or not you become the best may depend on that slight difference in effort.

Mike mentioned the days when other fighters would leave the gym house and step out with their girls, But he and His cousin went back home and calculated their new moves and counters.

He also describes how his cousin told him that he would be invincible in the ring and that everything would submit to his will. All things because of his hard work.

No one wants to get up at 4 and run when it’s pitch-dark, but it has to be done. The only reason I do it so early is because I believe the other guy isn’t doing it and that gives me a little edge. – Mike Tyson

3. Don’t Just Dream; commit to your Dream

Often we dream of our fantasies. Fantasies don’t just come through; dreams don’t just come through. You have to commit to it for you to realize it. You have to make them come through, work toward making it a reality, and it will actually become real. Sometimes we do have plans but never really kick our plans off.

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth”–Mike. Tyson

Having a plan is one, but there may be no one to “punch you in the mouth.” You have to fire up and cause success up the way.

4. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Greatness is given to us all. But only a select few can handle the ride.” – Mike Tyson.

You must be ready to make the most of every opportunity which presents itself to you and to create any that you don’t get the chance to take advantage of.

There are so many people who squander opportunities entirely. Not every opportunity presents itself again; some are only available to us for a little period before being snatched away.

5. Be in it for Greatness and Peace of Mind

It’s challenging enough to succeed after only intending to accumulate wealth, but doing so also limits your ability to experience happiness. Tyson didn’t compete solely for financial gain. Pure greatness and mental tranquility were his motivations.

When striving for greatness, you get great satisfaction from your work and the outcomes you produce as opposed to when you’re in it for just the riches. There’ll always be an emptiness. Tyson was content when he was winning fights because he loved winning. The money flow just made him happier.

6. Don’t Worry About What Others Think

It doesn’t faze me what anyone says about me. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about me. I’m a totally different entity from what other people think. Michael and Tyson are two different people. I’m Tyson here. – Mike Tyson.

Anybody who has ever achieved greatness has always been detested by some. A prominent example of this is Mike Tyson. He didn’t worry about it cause it would have slowed him down.

You should do the same; let them say what they want to say. It is their opinion; it doesn’t even make it true. You must not allow that to prevent you from being what you want to be or from doing what you want to do.

7. You Are the One in Control of the Outcome

Whatever you’ll be will be as a result of your input. Just keep in mind you’re always in command, at least until your death happens. You can play your cards however you want. Make sure you win the game.

Another thing that freaks me out is time. Time is like a book. You have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It’s just a cycle.” – Mike Tyson.

8. Believe that You Are the Best

Tyson thought himself invincible, impregnable, unstoppable. Say you are the best, and believe it! Think like the best, and you will soon become the best. Your mental state is improved, and you’re more motivated to keep overcoming the obstacles standing in your way of achievement.

Lennox is a conqueror? No! He’s no Alexander! I’m Alexander! I’m the best ever. I’m Sonny Liston. I’m Jack Dempsey. There’s never been anyone like me. I’m from their cloth. – Mike Tyson

9. Learn to Love the Pain

Although it’s difficult to imagine, this is what it turns into. You will have a surge once your discomfort starts to produce effects. You are aware that it is empowering you, enhancing your strength, and contributing to your greatness.

To go where you desire to go, you must put up with pain. Learn to embrace the pain as well as enjoy it instead of whining about the discomfort you experience on the way.

A champion does it like he loves it, even when he doesn’t.” – Mike Tyson

10. Learn to be Mentally Tough

The mental toughness of successful people is one peculiar quality. Their commitment to themselves, self-control, and self-will are fascinating and inspirational. Here is a success hack for yourself. You must discipline and persuade yourself.

Your behaviors determine how mentally tough you are. It involves carrying out the actions you are aware you should take more frequently. It depends on your commitment to everyday practice and your capacity for organization.

Final Thoughts

Nothing good comes easy and definitely not success. To be successful, you have to have the mindset and self control of a successful person. Mike Tyson thought like the best and today he is arguably one of the very best men in the boxing sport.

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