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Susan Ursitti is an American actress in the 90s that is popularly known for featuring in an American fantasy comedy TV series titled “Teen Wolf “.

She played the role of a character by name Lisa boof Marconi. Aside from Teen Wolf, she has also featured in several other films and TV series like “Fun land”, “defense play”, and “Doing Time in planet earth”.

Susie Sheinberg and Jonathan Sheinberg

Susan Ursitti is also known for being happily married to Johnathan Sheinberg also into the movie industry as a movie producer and director.

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Susan Ursitti Wiki Facts

Full NameSusan Ursitti
Net worth$500k
Age (2020)63
Date of Birth17th September 1957
Height 5ft
Weight60 Kg
EducationSaint Mary's College
SpouseJonathan Sheinberg

Susan Ursitti Biography, Early life and Education

The American actress Susan Ursitti was born on the 17th of September 1957 in the United States of America. She is an American by nationality and of white ethnicity.

There is no much information concerning Susan Ursitti’s early life and education, however, it is known that she graduated from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, Indiana in 1979 but no further information concerning this has been revealed yet.

After Susan Ursitti graduated from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, indiana, she went into acting temporarily.

She spent several years acting in stage and featuring in various TV series, movies and commercials before opting out of acting in general.

Susan Ursitt Career

Susan Ursitti has had switches in career field over the years one of them is acting. As an actress, Susan Ursitti made her debut in 1982 when she featured in a movie titled “zapped” as a character by name Debby.

She had also featured later in 1985 in a fantasy comedy series “Teen Wolf” which she is popularly known for as the character Lisa boof Marconi.

Susie Sheinberg

Other movies she made appearances in include “Defense play” “Charles in charge ” and she also played a guest role in the movie “21 Jump Street”.

Susan bursitis career as an actress didn’t last so long, she left the acting industry in the ’90s, 1997 to be precise.

She acted quite several movies though, which gave a meager spotlight in the ’90s but it was for a while till she decided to leave the movie industry.

Susan Ursitti featured in commercials, movies, and TV series during her years of career as an actress, she got meager fame but she never really made a big star in the movie industry like some of her fellow actors and actress though this might sound a little mean.

In the movie industry, Some people are featured due to different reasons, maybe because they have the right looks, the right attitude to act as the character being played, or some other reasons.

But the fact is that actual feature might be for that specified time and act and they might need to revolve later on to stay in the movie business.

Some of the upcoming stars that never made might because of their inability to revolve.

It is sad to say that I’d they were given proper coaching and time, they would have possibly grown and be popular to be the kind of star they wished to be.

Susan Ursitti however is of this category, as talented as she was and her popular her character ‘boof’ in Teen Wolf was, she never really made a big star.

The movie industry revolves real fast and if a person really can not keep up no matter how talented, would be left behind.

After Susan Ursitti left the movie industry in 1997 she went ahead to pursue a career in design and manufacturing as she went back to school to get a master degree.

Her decision to opt-out of the movie industry might be a pretty good one because the only film she was popular for is Teen Wolf.

However, Susan Ursitii made quite a fortune from her time in the movie industry, and with her great talents she has a high tendency to excel in her career in design and manufacturing.

Susan Ursitti’s Net worth

Susan Ursitii has a net worth of about $500 thousand most of which she acquired in her acting days featuring in various TV shows and movies and some other endeavors.

Nevertheless, her actual salary currently is yet to be disclosed.

During her acting days her range of salary was estimated to be around $39.84 per hour and around $55,944 per year because this is the salary of an average actor/actress in the United States.

It might be more than that however, depending on the terms of the agreement.

A 1985 comedy fantasy TV series “Teen Wolf” Susan Ursitii had featured in hit a Jackpot of 80 million dollars in the box office aside from the 1.2 million manufacturing budget.

Another hit movie of hers titled “Zapped” generated a huge sum of profit of 16.9million dollars in the box office list.

Susan Ursitti’s Married

Susan Ursitti is married to Jonathan Sheinberg a popular movie producer and director. He has popular movies such as passenger 57(1992), michale’s navy (1997), and Half a magic(2018).

They walked to the aisle together on the 12th of September 1992 with the company of close family and friends and was joined together as husband and wife.

The wonderful couple has three children together from their relationship and marriage.


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Susan Ursitii and Jonathan Sheinberg has been married and living happily for about 26 years now and there has not been any controversies or even any rumors of controversies in their marriage so far.

They have a healthy relationship and have been living peacefully so far with their three children. As of recent, their happy family is known to be living in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Susan Ursitti’s Parents, Siblings And Family

A lot of research has been made concerning Susan Ursitti’s birth family but all efforts remain void as there has not been any information concerning her parents or siblings known to the general public.

She remains silent about information concerning her family and siblings and if she’s an only child or not remains something of Wonder.

Susan Ursitii Other Endevors

Susan Ursitii has great involvement in the affairs of the community and for example is her involvement in the advisory board for the Los Angeles parks and recreation and also OMG the parents association at Brentwood schools.

Susan Ursitti’s Height, Weight and Body Measurement

Susan Ursitii is 5ft tall and 3inches high, weighing 60kg with wonderful appearance.

She has beautiful dark brown eyes and gorgeous black hair. Aside from her height and weight, there has not been any information regarding her body measurements.

Susan Ursitti Social Networking Profile

Susan Ursitti has an active social media presence. She has an account with some of the social media handle like Instagram with over 1,790 followers where she uploads pictures and videos once in a while about herself and daily living.

Some Interesting Facts About Susan Ursitti

  • Susan Ursitti is an American actress that is popularly known for her role as boof in the American fantasy comedy series “Teen Wolf”.
  • She didn’t stay long in the filming industry as an actress, she left acting in 1997 and went to get a master degree in design and manufacturing.
  • Susan Ursitii is happily married to a movie producer and director by name Jonathan Shienberg and they share three children.

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