Teresa Terry Bio; Networth, Age, Kids, wiki, Facts about Todd Chrisley’s Ex-wife

You must have heard about or read articles about many who became popular as a result of their relationship. Here is yet another in this category, Teresa Terry who came into the limelight as a result of her relationship and marriage to Micheal Todd Chrisley a Georgia-born producer, actor, and businessman.

Before Teresa Terry was Micheal Todd Chrisley First wife, she was completely out of the sight of the media, and nothing was known about her. Therefore her appearance in the spotlight is owed to her relationship with Todd.

We took the time to gather all the necessary information that is needed to know Teresa Terry better and all the information gathered is clearly featured in this article. If you have been wanting to know more about Teresa Terry you are in the right article.

Teresa Terry Wiki Facts

Full NameTeresa Terry
Nickname Teresa
Date of Birth (DOB)1971
Famous forEx-wife of Todd Chrisley (Reality Show Personality & Business Owner)
Age (As of 2020)49 years old
Net worth$5 million
Birthplace/HometownSouth Carolina, United States
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)Straight
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign)Not Available
Current ResidenceOklahoma, USA

Teresa Terry: Bio, Early Life, and Education

Teresa Terry was born in South Carolina, America. Her exact birth month and birthday had not to be disclosed yet to the public however, it is known that she was born someday in the year 1971. She is however am American by nationality.

As stated earlier, there is no much information concerning Teresa Terry before her marriage to Micheal Todd Chrisley. She was completely unknown before then.

As a result of this, there is no information on Teresa Terry’s childhood and early life that has been made known to the public. even the internet and media is lacking information about her early life.

Career and Net Worth

There has not been any information in regards to Teresa Terry’s career and endeavors. Her ex-husband on the other is a successful producer, actor, and businessman and is also popularly known as a producer of USA network show “Chrisley knows better” which he owns.

Teresa Terry’s career being unknown, it is very difficult to ascertain her actual net worth, however, sources have it that Teressa Terry net worth is estimated to be $5 million, this has not been confirmed though. Her ex-husband, however, Todd Chrisley’s net worth is $46 million which he acquired from his career and other endeavors. Teresa Terry personal life and family

Relationship with Todd Chrisley

todd chrisley and teresa terry with their kids

In as much as Teresa Terry and Toddy Chrisley’s marriage was for a short while, Teresa Terry deserves an accolade for the great assistance she rendered to her ex-husband Todd on his way to stardom helping him manage his fame and keep things in order before they got separated.

Let’s take a look back in history on Teresa Terry and Micheal Todd Chrisley’s relationship journey. Teresa and Todd met at a young age in their high school days in Westminster a high school located in South Carolina. Then, Teresa was 17 years of age while Todd was 19 years old.

After they met, they became fond of each other and started spending time together during the weekend, sometimes after school at Todd’s family house. With time they became more intimate with each other and began going on dates to the movies as well to engage in other fun outdoor activities.

Days went by, and when Teresa was 19, she became pregnant with Todd’s child, at that time Todd was 21 years old. Todd being a decent man, took responsibility for his child and got married to Teresa.

After Teresa Terry and Micheal Todd Chrisley got married, their love for each other grew immensely and upon the arrival of Micheal Todd daughter, Lindsie, the couple was filled with so much joy making them one happy family.

Unfortunately, with time the situation took a change, and upon the arrival of their second child Kyle Chrisley 15 months after the birth of their daughter, their marriage was already falling apart.

Teresa Terry once disclosed in an interview the reason she filed for divorce. She claimed that Micheal Todd Chrisley had abused her severally while they were married and that he has a habit of fighting menial issues that weren’t really necessary.

Still, on the same interview, she described Todd to be a thorn in the flesh and had called him an authoritarian and a perfectionist. Teresa Terry said that she got fed up with the constant corrections and regular fights and had to file for divorce and put an end to their relationship in 1994 once and for all.

There have been several other allegations made against Todd Chrisley. He was accused to have destroyed some personal properties that belonged to Teresa Terry in 1992 among several others.

He was also accused to have allegedly attack Teresa Terry’s mother under the influence of alcohol and to have beat up Teresa and threatened to kill her while she was driving on the 21st of October 1994.

He allegedly threatened to kill her again on the 2nd of November 1994 this time with a knife on his hand tore her underwear and swore to kill her if she tried to call the police.

Sometime later, however, Teresa Terry decided to Leave home with her kids and file domestic violence complaints against Todd Chrisley. She succeeded in moving out with her three-year-old son at that time, Kyle but was not able to take her daughter Lyndsie(five years old at that time) with her Because Todd Chrisley did not allow it.

In order to obtain custody of her daughter, Teresa Terry filed a complaint about “illegal abduction” against her husband. She subsequently dropped the domestic violence complaint after their divorce was finalized in 1996.

Teresa Terry later dropped the charge of domestic violence made against Todd Chrisley after their official divorce in 1996 and took another part to gain full custody of her daughter by filing for her daughter “illegal abduction” against Todd Chrisley.

The fight for custody of their children between Todd Chrisley First wife, Teresa Terry, and himself lasted for quite a while. In 2000, Todd Chrisley had also filed for total custody of their two children. Their Struggle for custody, however, ended in 2002 When the judge declared joint custody under certain conditions between the two divorced partners.

The judge concluded that due to the fact that the children went to school in Atlanta, they should stay in their Father Todd Chrisley’s residence, in Atlanta and visit their mother during the weekends and also during vacation as well as holidays.

Nevertheless, things didn’t go as stated by the judge due to the fact that Todd Chrisley relocated from Atlanta to California for works purposes.

Ex-Husband Todd Chrisley and Chrisley Knows Best

An image of todd chrisly

Teresa Terry’s husband, Michael Todd Chrisley as a businessman owns a real estate empire. His real estate empire developed through years of dedication and hard work and Todd automatically became a millionaire.

He had lived in Atlanta and became an expert in real estate management, mentoring, and improving aspiring investors.

With time when Micheal Todd Chrisley has successfully established his real estate, he decided to try another line of a career as a reality television show producer.

He currently owns the Reality TV series “Chrisley knows best” in collaboration with other producers. The reality TV show ” Chrisley knows best” is centered on Chrisley’s family, showing their daily activities including their personal and professional life.

Micheal Todd Chrisley TV reality shows “Chrisley’s know-how” features his life with his present wife Julie after his divorce with Teresa Terry in 1996 and how He now has three children from his marriage with Julie.

In the first season, Teresa Terry’s son featured for a while but was later out of the show. Teresa Terry’s daughter Lindsie Chrisley on the other hand featured in the TV show in the first five seasons but stopped featuring due to some issues she had with her father Michael Todd Chrisley.

Teresa Terry’s Life After Divorce

Teresa Terry went ahead to remarry after her divorce with Micheal Todd Chrisley in 1996 and is currently living happily with her new husband in the city of Oklahoma, USA.

Teresa Terry once stated that she does not regret ever being married to Todd Chrisley for the fact that the blessings of her two lovely children were as a result of her marriage with Todd.

Todd Chrisley Kids and Grandchildren

todd chrisly family

Teresa Terry and Todd Chrisley children are two at the moment. They also have grandchildren. Her first daughter Lindsie Chrisley was given birth to few months after her marriage with her ex-husband Micheal Todd Chrisley and her son kyle Chrisley 15 months after the birth of Lindsey Chrisley.

Teresa Terry has a grandson name Jackson who she usually sends gifts to through her daughter Lindsie. Teresa Terry’s grandson was given birth to by her daughter Lindsie who is 28 years old and presently married. Lindsie also runs a blog which she gave the name “living like Lindsie”

Teresa Terry also has an eight years old granddaughter, from her son Kyle Chrisley. Her granddaughter was given the name Chole Chrisley Chrisley and she was a product of Kyle’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Angela Victoria Johnson.

Teresa Terry’s Son, Kyle Chrisley Drug Issue

During an exclusive interview of Teresa Terry’s son, Kyle Chrisley with Radaronline, he had disclosed that he was once sober for four years and had checked into rehab at the age of 19.

In 2013, There was a controversy between Michael Todd Chrisley and his son Kyle Chrisley regarding the payment of Kyle’s rehab bills.

Todd had claimed to have spent millions in Kyle’s rehab bills meanwhile, the bills were never paid which led to a lawsuit brought to the Chrisley family by the rehab center for paying a little portion of about $18,000 the rehab fee.

Todd Chrisley ended up paying an extra of $24,000 added to the original rehab fee including the court cost. During the controversy, Teresa Terry had sided with her son Kyle on all grounds stating that she is responsible for protecting Kyle and siding with him on all matters no matter how rebellious he might be.

Teresa Terri’s height, weight, Body Measurements, and physical appearance

There has not been any information on Teresa Terry’s height, weight, or body measurement. However, she is seen to have a moderate height with a wonderful-looking physical appearance. She is seen to have nice looking blonde hair and beautiful blues eyes which expresses her beauty very well.

Teresa Terri Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Terry Teresa is not active on social media and has no social media account verified and confirmed to be hers, this is probably the reason not much information about her personal living is known to the public. She has no account with Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media handle.

Some Interesting Facts About Teresa Terri

  • Teresa Terry is the ex-wife of the popular successful producer, actor, and businessman by name Micheal Todd Chrisley.
  • She was born in 1971 and information about her before her marriage to Todd remains unavailable.
  • She got divorced from Michael Todd Chrisley in 1996 after having two children together already.
  • Teresa Terri currently lives with her new husband in Oklahoma.

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