Terri Carrington Bio: Age, Height, Net worth, Facts About Rodney Carrington Ex Wife

Terri Carrington is a speech-language pathologist who rose to fame for being the famous American stand-up comedian Rodney Carrington’s wife. She is however now divorced with Rodney Carrington and lives with her three children in Oklahoma.

Terri Carrington’s principal focus of attraction in the limelight was when she became Rodney Carrington’s wife and besides that, not much about her is out there in the public aside her uploads on social media. However, in this article is information about Terri Carrington that will enable you to know her to an extent.

Facts of Terri Carrington

NameTerri Carrington
Birth NameTerri Shae Lockhart
Date of Birth1970,November 18
Age49 years old
Birth NationUnited States of America
Professionspeech-language pathologist
Net WorthN/A
ChildrenSam Carrington, George Carrington, and Zac Carrington
Relationship StatusDivorced
Ex HusbandRodney Carrington
Last Updated:2020

Terri Carrington’s Biography, real name, early life, and Education

The wonderful speech-language pathologist Terri Carrington was born on the 18th of November,1970 in the city of Medford, Massachusetts, the United States where she was also raised.

Her birth name has been waved away over time and she has been known by many to be Terri Carrington. However, this is not her birth name, Terri Carrington is the name she bears after she became Rodney Carrington’s wife, and She is popularly known by this because she became popular after her marriage to Rodney Carrington.

Her birth name is nevertheless, “Terri Shae Lockhart” many websites write her birth name to be Terri Shea omitting the Lockhart and this may be because her official twitter account also goes by Terri Shea but for real, there is the name Lockhart added to Terri Shea.

In as much as Terri Carrington bio on her twitter describe her to a dancer, singer, and writer, she is an approved speech and language pathologist who once worked for a nursing and long-term care community by name Senior Suites.

Aside from being a professional speech and language pathologist, Terri has some other added career inbuilt skills like being a social activist, a wine connoisseur, and also an upcoming chef.

There is no much information of Terri Carrington out there to the public as she like living a private life and because she came into the attention of the media after becoming Rodney Carrington’s wife.

Information concerning her early life, family, parents, siblings have not yet be revealed to the public. And it remains something of wonder if she is an only child or not.

An image Terri Carrington and family

We will surely update if Terri happens to change her mind and decides to let out information concerning her early life and anything regarding her family till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed. It is however known that Terri had attended and finished schooling at the University of Central Oklahoma, located in Oklahoma where she currently lives with her three children.

Terri Carrington Career

After Terri Carrington graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma, it is on record that she had worked for caption call for a while and later she went ahead to work for senior suites a skilled nursing and long-term care community.

In the later years, Terri Carrington made a partial switch in career to be a verified speech-language pathologist. That was the Las information about her career that was made public

Net Worth of Terri Carrington

As stated earlier, Terri Carrington loves to leave a private life and she tries as much as possible to stay clear of the spotlight, unlike her ex-husband Rodney Carrington.

As a result of her private life, the media has not been able to ascertain her exact net worth or salary. Nevertheless, some sources have it that Terri Carrington’s net worth is estimated to be around $1million, this information has not been confirmed yet.

Terri Carrington’s ex-husband Rodney Carrington on the other hand has a net worth estimated to be around $8 million which he was able to achieve through his successful years in is career endeavors as well as his comedy show. He is however tagged a wealthy and he keeps getting new fans and followers in his comedy show as the days go by.

Marriage to Rodney Carrington (Ex-Wife)

an image of Terri Carrington and rodney

Terri Carrington’s ex-husband Rodney Carrington was born in Longview Texas on the 19th of October 1968. He is an actor and a well-known comedian by profession and also sings country music.

He performs as a stand-up comedian and has also written and sang lots of songs. As an actor, Rodney Carrington has featured in a 2008 movie titled “Beer of Horses”, he also features in TV series titled Rodney.

Terri Carrington and her ex-husband Rodney Carrington met back in the day in college and after a while, they find liking to each other and got into a relationship.

After dating for a while, they finally tied the knot 1993. Teddi and Rodney stayed married for 18 years before they got divorced in 2012. The actual reason for their divorce was never disclosed but rumors have it that it was as a result of Rodney’s dedication to work that his marriage and that with time they became like strangers to each other leading to their separation in 2010 and official divorce in 2012.

However, Terri and Rodney had gotten three children from their marriage by name Sam Carrington, George Carrington, and Zac Carrington. In an interview with Review-Journal in December 2012, Rodney Carrington claimed to have tried his best to save his marriage with Terri but it was all to no avail.

Terri Carrington Divorce effects on Her ex-husband Rodney Carrington

Terri Carrington’s divorce with Rodney was a big blow to Rodney Carrington stating the fact that he was trying his best to be a family man and a responsible father to his children. sometime in his career when sitcom Rodney was still on section, He once quit a show so he could spend quality time with his family.

After Terri and Rodney divorce, Rodney had struggled with his weight and he was also depressed, however, they still remain friends for the sake of their children and there is equal custody sharing between Rodney and his ex-wife Terri.

an Image of Rodney Carrington


Ever since Terri Carrington and Rodney Carrington were divorced they have not officially been in any other relationship. But Rodney once told the media how he once tried to date someone very younger than him but the relationship didn’t really work out because of their age difference and different age grade behavior making it difficult for them to really get along.

Rodney and Terri are currently single and they seem happy being single. Rodney Carrington has not shown any intentions of remarrying and he once said that he is enjoying being single, not having to answer to anybody and being able to do what he wants, go wherever he wants and use his money as he pleases.

Rodney Carrington also stated that he has no intention of dating anyone and that all her need is a drama-free marriageable woman who already has her life figured out. All his attention as of now is centered on his children and his work.

Terri Carrington birth family and siblings

A lot of research has been made concerning Terri Carrington’s birth family but all efforts remain non and void as there has not been any information concerning her parents or siblings known to the general public. She remains silent about information concerning her family and siblings and if she’s an only child or not remains something of Wonder

Age, Height & Body Measurements

As of 18 November 2019, Terri Carrington turned 49 years old. Terri Carrington stands 5 feet inches tall with a wonderful physical appearance. She has beautiful look blond hair, gorgeous grey colored eyes and she weighs about 125 pounds.

Terri Carrington Twitter and Instagram

Terri Carrington is a social media user who is active on some social media handles. She is active on Instagram and Twitter where she usually uploads pictures of her and her children.

Her Instagram account however is a private account and only people accepted by her can be able to m access and view her activities and post. Her Twitter handle, on the other hand, can be accessed and she seems more active on Twitter than Instagram.

Some interesting facts about Terri Carrington

  • Terri Carrington is a speech-language pathologist who is popularly known for being the ex-wife of the famous American stand-up comedian Rodney Carrington.
  • She was born on the 18th of November,1970 in the city of Medford, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Terri Carrington and Rodney Carrington got divorced in 2012 and both have remained single ever since.

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