Terry Mandel Bio: Age, Net Worth, Kids, Wiki, Family, Facts about Howie Mandel Wife

It is appalling how being married to a star suddenly makes one famous overnight. That is the intriguing part of it anyway and many are popularly known as a result of their relationships with famous partners.

Here is Terry Mandel the wife to Howie Mandel, also in this category. She came into the limelight after her marriage to Howie Mandel, a popular Comedian, actor, voice artist, and a television host.

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Although married to a popularly known star, Terry Mandel tries as much as possible to keep information concerning her personal life away from the media.

However, research has been made and we have gathered quite some necessary information about Terry Madel that will interest you and we are ready to share them with you here in this article. Read on!! as we unveil more about Terry Mandel.

Terry Mandel Wiki Facts

Full NameTerry Soil Mandel
Net Worth $40 Million
Date Of Birth May 26th
Place Of Birth Toronto, Ontario, USA
ProfessionTalent Agent, Business Woman
AlumniWilliam Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, Harvard University
ChildrenJackie, Alex, Riley
Husband Howie Mandel (m. 1980-present)

Terry Mandel’s Bio, Early Life, Family, and Education

Terry Mandel is a Canadian entrepreneur who was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

There is no information regarding her date of birth, however, Sources have it that she celebrates her birthday every year on the 26th of may but this has not been confirmed yet.

Her exact age is unknown but one can only guess that she might be in her late 50s or early 60s by looking at her.

Terry Mandel, although married to a popular person lives a low key life and prefers keeping information about her personal life and her life before marriage away from the media and public in general.

There has not been any information concerning Terry Mandel’s early life, parents, or siblings known to the general public.

Terry remains silent about information concerning her family and siblings and if she’s an only child or not remains something of Wonder.

Nevertheless, it is known that her birth name before getting married to her present husband Howie Mandal, is Terry soil.

About Terry Mandel’s schooling, she is known to have completed her high school education in a school located in Toronto by the name “William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute”.

After she was through with high school, she went ahead to further her education to college-level by pursuing a degree in business at Harvard University.

Through various occurrences, Terry Mandel is noticed to be an animal lover. She once saved a stray cat and was bitten by the cat during the process, which made her take shots for rabies.

Also, she has been seen several times playing with street animals and pets as well which gives a great impression that she surely has a soft spot for animals.

Terry Mandel Net Worth

Terry Mandel is a producer and has produced many live comedy shows of her husband, Howie Mandel.

Terry Mandel net worth as a producer and business manager is unknown, however, she is known to enjoy her husband and her son’s net worth.

Terry Mandel’s husband, Howie Mandel net worth is estimated to be about $40 million which he was able to attain through the success in his career as an actor, TV show host, and comedian.

He hosts several worldwide popular TV shows like “Deal or No Deal” an NBC game show and he is also one the NBS judge for the show “America’s Got Talent”.

In various interviews, Howie Mandel has always given his wife the credit for the success in his career and he gives her attributes for all the wealth he has been able to achieve.

Married for about 40 years now, Terry and Howie keep a healthy relationship, in an interview, Howie Mandel said:

“I’m lucky because she puts up with me. If you ask her why our marriage has survived all these years, she’ll tell you it’s because of the 200 live stand-up gigs I still perform every year.”

Her son on the other hand, Alex Mandel has a net worth of about $500 thousand. Terry and her family live a happy life and soar in great wealth.

Terry Mandel as a Talent Agent

As a graduate of business from the University of Harvard, Terry Mandel has great understood and talent as a business agent.

Through her wonderful instinct and promising mindset she acts as a talent agent and advised Howie Mandel to strike a lifetime deal with NBC which happened to have helped him a lot in his career today.

Terry Mandel is however presently a talent agent at the Abstract Talent Agency.

In 2011, as a talent agent, Terry Mandel helped Chelsea Heath, an Instagram model, and actress in her career, by adding her to Abstract’s Talent Roaster.

Among other endeavors, Terry Mandel is an entrepreneur and she does a wonderful job as a producer for Howie Mandel’s comedy shows.

Married Life Of Terry Mandel- Howie Mandel & Kids

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Terry and Howie Mandel’s relationship has been a long-lasting one. They seem to be one of the happily married couples in the world today. Their relationship started a long time ago during their high school days.

Terry met Howie in high school when she was 12 years old, they both took a liking to each other, started a relationship, and have been together ever since.

Terry’s husband is a renowned actor and comedian. It is safe to say that he stole Terry’s heart through his outstanding sense of humor and great personality.

After years of dating, Terry and Howie walked to the aisle to exchange matrimonial vows on the 16th of March 1980. They are now parents of three successful children, a son, and two daughters.

Terry Mandel Husband, Howie Mandel

Terry Mandel’s husband was born on the 29th of November 1995 in Canada.

He is a popular Canadian actor, Television host, Comedian, Voice artist and also one of the Judges of the famous “America’s Got Talent” TV show

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As a stand-up comedian, Howie Mandel performs across the US and Canada as well. He has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry over the years with his wonderful amazing performance nationwide.

The Mandels Have Three Kids

Terry Mandel and Howie Mandel have a total of three children from their marriage a son and two daughters which are all grown up now.

Their first child was born in 1984 and was named Jackie Mandel. Jackie Mandal is a teacher by profession with a master’s degree from UCLA. She is happily married to a high school friend whose name is Alex Schultz.

Followed by their son, Alex Mandel born in 1989. He is the second child of the family and he has the comedy attributes of his father.

Following his father’s footstep, Alex Mandel is a star of his own. He owns a YouTube channel and an Instagram account with lots of fans and followers.

His YouTube channel “Vlogs” is a popular one that features hilarious videos and has over 487k subscribers. He also has another YouTube channel called “Alex Mandel Drinks”.

Terry and Howie had their last child Riley Mandel in 1992. Riley Mandel is currently engaged to a senior Cie digital Lab iOS developer whose name is Cameron Ehrlich

Terry Mandel’s children have an active media life as they are not afraid of the camera. They often work as red carpet representatives at America’s got talent show.

Terry Mandel Age, Height & Body Measurements

Terry Mandel’s exact age has not yet been confirmed by the media due to the unavailability of information concerning her date of birth.

However, by looking at her one can guess that she might be in her late fifties or early sixties. She looks fit and healthy though, regardless of how old she might be.

Her fitness and healthy body will definitely be as a result of her daily exercise routine and balanced diet. She has a wonderful physical appearance and always seen with a gorgeous smile on her face.

Terry Mandel, stands 5 feet 3inches tall and weighs about 64kg. Her husband on the other stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.

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Terry Mandel has an active social media life. She is very active on Instagram with about 1690 Instagram followers and fans.

There is no other information if Terry Mandel is active on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media handle aside Instagram.

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