Winnie Harlow Net Worth & Achievements

What is Winnie Harlow Net Worth?

Net Worth:$4 million
Source of Wealth:Fashion Model
Date of Birth:July 27th, 1996
Country of Origin:Canada
Last Updated:2024

Winnie Harlow Net Worth: Winnie Harlow, is a Canadian fashion model with an estimated net worth $4 million. of Winnie Harlow is a runway model and entrepreneur living with vitiligo skin condition.

After she became a contestant on America’s Next Top Model in 2014, she gained influence in the fashion industry. Aside from their modeling career, she has a skincare line and partners with several industry giants, including MAC cosmetics.

Early Life

Originally Chantelle Brown-Young, Winnie Harlow was born on the 27th of July, 1996. She was born in Toronto. She was born with a skin condition called vitiligo, which makes the skin lose its pigment or melanin.

She was subject to a lot of bullying as a child, which evolved into eventual isolation from her peers. The schools she attended are private knowledge, though.

In the face of all these problems, Winnie built up her self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. From a young age, she started to pursue her goal of modeling.


Aside from fashion, Winnie has appeared in films and, sometimes, music videos, further enlarging her reach and audience. Magazines like Glamour, Elle, and famous Vogue featured her on the covers, a coveted honor. With this, she had already imprinted her name on the minds of every fashion enthusiast.

Her ticket to fame was the 2014 edition of “America’s Next Top Model.” Harlow went for the reality fashion TV show without letting the vitiligo issue stop her. She spoke up for people with her condition and the need for more acceptance of every skin type in the modeling industry.

She did not win the competition, but she had successfully caught the eye of many brands and garnered a faithful following online and offline. Harlow began to walk the runway for international fashion brands like Versace, Marc Jacobs, and even Moschino. She became the first person with a vitiligo skin condition to achieve it.

Coupled with her iconic career on the runway, Winnie Harlow became interested in cosmetics and skincare. She successfully launched Harlow Skin, her brand. She has since worked with major brands in the same line, like MAC Cosmetics and Nike.

Winnie Harlow net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2014 – competitor “America’s Next Top Model”
  • First runway model to walk for Versace, Marc Jacobs, and Moschino with vitiligo. She appeared on Elle, Glamour, and Vogue Covers. Launched Harlow Skin and collaborated with MAC Cosmetics and Nike.

Personal Life

Harlow does not like publicizing her private life and romantic relationships, but it’s known that she is in a relationship with Kyle Kuzma, an NBA star. She’s outspoken about her struggles with her mental health, with anxiety and depression.

Winnie Harlow was born in Toronto, Canada. Due to her skin condition, vitiligo, she lost pigment in some parts of her face and body. This caused her to be a victim of bullying as a child, but she never lost her vibrant spirit. She overcame public opinion and chased her dream of being a model.

She appeared on the reality TV show America’s Next Top Model and attracted the attention of different major brands, including fashion houses. She has worked with Sprite, Diesel, Desigual, Moschino, Versace, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret and many more.

Harlow has been a voice advocating for the inclusion of more skin types, including models with vitiligo, in the fashion industry without prejudice. As a person who faced the ugly brunt of bullying, she speaks up against bullying while pushing for people to love themselves more without minding their insecurities.

Aside from fashion, Harlow has taken quite a successful foray into acting. She has starred in some films, including America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars and Star Trek: Discovery.

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Awards & Achievements

Winnie Harlow has grown into an accomplished, award-winning model. She has won different awards for her achievements in the fashion industry. Harlow won the Glamour Beauty Award for Breakthrough Model of the Year and the Teen Choice Award for Choice Model in 2017.

Winnie also won the Glamour Award for Role Model in 2018 and was named one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019.

Winnie Harlow Net Worth

Winnie Harlow net worth is estimated to be $4 million. She earned her money majorly from her career as a model. Annually, Harlow makes about 1 million dollars from being a model. She walks runways for fashion houses, appears in campaigns, and has different brands collaborating.

Aside from modeling, Winnie Harlow has also expanded her work to the movie industry, starring in movies like Star Trek: Discovery. She also works with international brands like MAC Cosmetics, Swarovski, and Puma on endorsing their products.

Harlow also earns from her social media. She has an impressive following and utilizes it through partnerships and sponsored posts. She also invests in start-ups and other businesses on the side.


Being born with vitiligo, Winnie Harlow has experienced her fair share of bullying and kinds of discrimination from society. Now, she uses her platform and influence to promote diversity of all skin and body types in the fashion industry. She encourages people to be their most authentic selves without fear of discrimination.

Keeping with her passion, she supports different groups that share her resolutions on these topics. She supports the Vitiligo Foundation and donates to research on finding a cure, The Shade Room Foundation, which aids young people of color in achieving academic goals, and The American Civil Liberties Union.

Real Estate

Winnie Harlow has investments in real estate in different countries. She owns an apartment in Toronto, a $1 million beachfront property in Los Angeles, also priced at $1 million, and a penthouse in Dubai priced at $1 million.

Winnie Harlow net worth is estimated to be about $4 million, this is inclusive of her wealth in real estate.

Notable Winnie Harlow’s Quotes

Don’t let your fears define you. Let your dreams define you, Winnie Harlow.

My skin is my canvas, and I’m going to paint it with the colors of my confidence. – Winnie Harlow.

I’m not here to fit in. I’m here to stand out.– Winnie Harlow.

Life Lessons to Learn From Winnie Harlow’s Success

1. Self-Acceptance

Winnie Harlow has shown that nothing can stop her from loving herself. Although she was different from her childhood, she didn’t let how people saw her at the time stop her. She has shown that her uniqueness far outweighs the negative public opinion.

2. Promote Diversity

As the first model with vitiligo to walk runways for Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, and other major fashion houses, she has capitalized on her influence to push for more diversity in the fashion industry. She encourages all skin types to be given equal employment opportunities in the industry.

3. Chase your dreams

Although Winnie Harlow experienced a lot of bullying for her skin condition as a child, she never stopped chasing her dream of being a runway model. She is an example to all that dreams can still be achieved regardless of the situation.

4. Charity

Winnie Harlow has used her platform as an internationally recognized model to advocate for including people living with vitiligo, people of color in general, and every American Citizen’s rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Winnie Harlow’s Net Worth

What caused Winnie Harlow’s Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune skin condition that causes a person’s immune system to attack melanin cells in the hair and skin of a person. It results in patches of hair and skin without the pigment of the rest of the body. Winnie’s vitiligo started to appear at the age of 4. She is part of the 1% in the United States that lives with the condition.

How did Harlow become famous?

Winnie Harlow was a competitor in America’s Next Top Model in 2014, and although she didn’t win, she caught the attention of major fashion houses and brands. She walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret in 2016, becoming the 1st model with the skin condition vitiligo to do so.

Which brand did Winnie Harlow start?

Winnie Harlow launched a skincare brand on the 1st of March, 2023, called CAY Skin. She said that the Caribbean beaches inspired the name and catered to protection from the sun.

Final Thoughts

Winnie Harlow has grown into an inspiration to everyone struggling with self-acceptance and individuality. She is an iconic model who has walked for many international brands and is a voice for people with vitiligo. She has motivated many people in and outside the fashion industry.

As of 2024, Winnie Harlow net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

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