Joe Keery Net Worth

What is Joe Keery Net Worth?

Net Worth:$4 million
Source of Wealth:Actor and Musician
Date of Birth:April 24th,1992
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Joe Keery Net Worth: Joe Keery is a rising American actor and musician with an estimated net worth of $4 million. He is best known for his role as “Steve Harrington” in “Stranger Things.” He is a member of the band Post Animal as well. He was born into a family of seven, and his interest in TV shows began after graduation.

His breakthrough came in 2016 after he appeared with Harrington Steve, and he has had his most active years until 2021. 

Early Life 

Born on the 24th of April, 1992, Joe Keery was part of a seven-person family – his father, mother, and four siblings. He was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, as the second child of his family. His parents, David and Nina Keery, were an architect and English professors, respectively. 

He graduated from the Newburyport High School and gained admission to study Theatre at The Theater School. This was at DePaul University, and in 2014, he earned his Fine Arts degree in Acting there.

His siblings were Caroline, Kate, Emma, and Lizzy. He got his elementary education at River Valley Charter School, a Montessori school, of which his mother was a part of the establishment. He started having a lot of interest in Theater and became a participant in a camp for the performing arts called Theater in the Open at the encouragement of his elder sister. 


Kerry’s debut on Television is in the film, “Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party,” a Stephen Cone indie film in 2015. Upon graduation, Joe Keery began to fish for roles on TV shows. He started to audition while working as a waiter. He aimed to be cast in commercials, films, or small TV shows at first. 

His efforts paid off as he was cast as a guest in “Chicago Fire” and “Empire” and food chain commercials like KFC and Domino’s. Joe Keery’s role that pitched him to fame is the character of “Steve Harrington” in the sci-fi horror series Stranger Things,” which was set in the late 1900s. 

Stranger Things,” after its premiere in 2016, was a huge success from its first season and, in the process, pushed Joe (Steve) into success. Although his character was never projected to still be in the film by season two, he has become a fan favorite as was written back in October 2017. He also appeared in the third, fourth, and fifth seasons. He has won Awards and nominations alongside the rest of the film’s cast.

Joe Keery has also been cast in other movies and TV shows like “The Charnel House”(2016), “Molly’s Game”(2017), “After Everything” in 2018, and the horror movie “Slice’ in the same year. Keery also appeared in the short film “How to Be Alone” in 2018. 

Joe Keery was also cast in the 2018 film, “No Activity” and “Spree” (2020). Keery starred in the 2021 box office hit movie, “Free Guy.” Overall, he is growing to become a professional actor with a growing fan base.

Joe Keery is also a musician. He is a founding member of Post Animal, an American band. The band started in 2014 and, in 2018, released their debut album, “When I Think of You in a Castle.” Also, they produced and released their 2020 song, “Forward Motion Godyssey.”

Joe Keery net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights 

  • 2016 – Stranger Things (Sci-Fi movie) with Steve Harrington 
  • 2017 – 2019 – Continued with the TV show “Stranger Things.”
  • 2018 – Molly’s Game (debut movie)
  • 2019 – Slice (horror film)
  • 2020 – Spree (dark comedy-drama)
  • 2021 – Free Guy (movie)

Personal Life

Joe Keery was part of a seven-person family – his father, mother, and four siblings. He is known to be a very likable celebrity and person generally. He has a big and growing fan base due to his easy-going nature.

He’s currently in a relationship with Maika Monroe, an actress he met at a party in Los Angeles in 2017.

Awards and Achievements 

He, alongside the rest of the cast of “Stranger Things,” won the Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominee Actor, Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2020. He was nominated for the Hollywood Critics Association Television Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Streaming Series for his role in “Stranger Things” in 2022.

Joe Keery Net Worth

Joe Keery is worth is estimated to be $4 million. He earns from his work as a musician and actor. “Stranger Things,” the Netflix Sci-fi horror series, is the major film that earned him most of his net worth.

Joe Keery is still active in the movie industry, hence his net worth is estimated to reach great heights in the coming years.

Notable Joe Keery’s Quotes

I had friends – and I had situations – where you spend so much time hanging out with your girlfriend that you lose touch with other people. You only really have this one person – and when that person starts to let go, you almost feel like you need to clamp on even harder, you know? – Joe Keery.

To put it simply, people who are strangers to me will come up and say, ‘Are you that guy from that show?’ I’ll say, ‘Yeah,’ and they’ll say, ‘Oh, nice job.’ And, for the most part, it’s people showing appreciation for the work you’ve done. – Joe Keery

When I used to live in Chicago – went to school there for four years and lived there for two years after – the whole time, I worked at this restaurant called DMK, and people would come in, and I would wait on their tables, and they would say, ‘Oh my gosh, man. You look like the dude from ‘Parks and Rec.’ You look like Jean-Ralphio. – Joe Keery

Life Lessons to Learn From Joe Keery’s Success

1. Take your first towards your dream now

Not minding his youth, Keery started pushing his acting career from very young. He didn’t stop or get stuck at waiting tables. He used that as a form of support while he pushed for his dreams.

2. Talent can be honed and sharpened, too

Although Joe Keery had a clear talent in acting, he went through training and school to hone it into a strong skill. He followed his passion and did the groundwork to grow exponentially.

3. Be Hardworking

 Finally, hard work is nonnegotiable in any part of life. Joe Keery didn’t wait for roles to come to him. He auditioned, showed up for small roles and commercials, and worked in his band. He understood that his hard work would eventually pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions – Joe Keery’s Net Worth

When was Joe Keery born?

Joe Keery was born on 24 April 1992, and he’s currently 31. 

What’s Joe Keery’s annual income or salary?

Joe Keery currently earns up to $0.4 million as an annual salary.

How tall is Joe Keery?

Joe Keery’s height is 5 foot 11 inches (1.80m).

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Final Thoughts

Joe Keery is a rising American actor and musician famous for his character, “Steve Harrington,” in the series, “Stranger Things.” This role has pushed him onto the world stage and highlighted this talent. He is developing into a well-rounded actor and is expected to grow further in the coming years.

As of 2024, Joe Keery net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

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