Khalyla Kuhn Bio: Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki, Facts About Bobby Lee’s Wife

The web culture is growing and many people are getting involved with it now more than ever. The easy access to people all around the world and the freedom of creativity it brings has made the social media platform such as Youtube appeal to many, one of those famous Youtube stars is Khalyla Kuhn.

Today we look into the life of popular YouTuber and social media personality Khalyla Kuhn who is believed to have risen to fame after her marriage with American celebrity comedian, Robert Young Lee Jr also known as Bobby Lee.

Khalyla Kuhn

Soon after she tied the knot with Bobby lee, many people went to different platforms to post comments accusing her of marrying the Famous comedian for selfish desires. She has denied this however.

Are the rumors true, did she marry Bobby Lee for the fame and money? and just Who is Khalyla Kuhn? read on to find out more about her? After reading, be sure to leave your comments, let us know what you think of this star.

Khalyla Wiki Facts

Full NameKhalyla Kuhn
Estimated Net worth$1m
Date of BirthOctober 31st, 1984
Place of Birth United States.
Height 5ft
SpouseBobby lee

Khalyla Kuhn Age, Bio, and Family

Khalyla Kuhn is 36 years old, she was born on October 31st, 1984 in the United States. Her exact place of birth is not known as she has not revealed this information. She has an American nationality and white ethnic background.

She is also said to have come from an Egyptian-Filipino descent. While her father is of Egyptian background, her mother comes from a Filipino origin

According to sources Khalyla had quite a difficult childhood and was raised single-handedly by her mother,(although details supporting this fact are not available). This made her start fending for herself from a young age, that’s when khalyla age was about 17.

Khayla Kuhn has been very secretive about information regarding her background and very little is known about her family. However, as said earlier, she and her sister Julianna were raised by her mother alone. Information about her father and his identity has not been revealed and remains a mystery.

Khalyla Kuhn is a graduate of biochemistry and has worked as a private teacher in related fields including anatomy, microbiology, and physiology. She has also worked as a waitress at a beach bar close to her house. She might have done other jobs before or after this, but she only began receiving some traction and recognition after her affiliation and relationship with the American comedian Bobby lee.

Khalyla Kuhn’s Personal life

Khalyla Kuhn seems to be one of those social media and internet personalities who loves controversies and glory in them. She is known for regularly making vague and ambiguous statements on social media. Some of them include calling her husband bobby lee, her first lesbian boyfriend, funny one right?.

Khalyla Kuhn
Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby lee

She has also said that she didn’t want her relationship with bobby to be a monogamous one and has been heard boasting about past relationships with different people and also making it clear that she loves material things and money, among others.

Khalyla is a huge fan of Mixed \martial Arts(MMA). He constantly plays UFCs Mixed Martial Arts Games with her husband Bobby lee. She also talks about the sport most times on her podcast and Instagram.

The social media personality is also very passionate about animals. She often adapts and caters for endangered dogs and cats. She uses her Instagram account to find homes for the animals. The pictures of the dogs and cats can be seen posted on her Instagram by her. She also has her favorite doge named Gobitron.

Khalyla Kuhn is also a lover of tattoos. She has one drawn on her upper body and another conspicuous one drawn on her left arm.

She has also made it clear that she is very interested in a luxurious and exotic lifestyle. That is mostly the reason why there were many rumors of her being a gold digger following her hook up with the American comedian Bobby lee. She loves driving in deluxe cars, wearing high-end clothing and accessories. She also relishes vacations at quite expensive locations.

Khalyla Kuhn Husband- Robert Young Lee Jr. (Bobby Lee)

Before we continue with Khalyla Kuhn, let’s pause and take a look at her husband Bobby Lee who brought her to the spotlight.

Born as Robert Young Lee Jr in San Diego, California USA on 18th September 1971, Bobby lee he is popularly known as a stand-up comedian and actor. His immediate family included his father, Robert Lee Sr, his mother Jeanie and his younger brother, Steve.

Bobby Lee

Growing up Bobby lee had a tough childhood, he started taking drugs including marijuana and other heavier drugs when he was only 12 years old. He managed to stop his drug consumption when he turned 17.

He was a student of Power High school in California, USA. At the age of 18 he moved out of his parent’s apartment and catered for himself by getting jobs in coffee shops and restaurants. He also attended Palomar college but dropped out before his graduation.

Khayla kuhn’s career in comedy started in 1994 after the coffee shop he was working on got closed. He got a job at the La Jolla Comedy Store in San Diego where one day he decided to do standup at the club.

Since then, he has earned a name for himself in the comedy space in the entertainment industry.

Khalyla Khun was made popular through the appearances he made in the comedy sketch show “MADtv” and also through comedy movies and tv series. Some of the moves he was featured in include “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” in 2004, “Pinneaple Express” in 2008, and also in the series “Splitting Up Together” in 2018.

Bobby Lee networth is estimated to be about $2 million in 2020

Khalyla Kuhn- Relationship with Husband, Bobby Lee

Kuhn and Lee met through tinder. A popularly known dating app known as Tinder. After numerous back and forth chatting, they decided and created an opportunity to meet after which they started dating in October 2013.

After three years into their relationship, Bobby Lee and khalyla Kuhn decided to take their relationship to the next level. In August 2016, the couple got married.

The couple’s relationship, however, has not been all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, there has been a backlash on Khalyla Khun from numerous fans of her husband, Bobby Lee, accusing her of being a gold-digger and marrying him for money and fame.

One reason that sparked the interest in bobby lee and Khalyla Kuhn’s relationship was the fact that before khalyla, Bobby Lee has not been known to be affiliated with any other woman. This earned hem public attention made people curios and had them asking questions about the woman that stole bobby lee’s heart.

However Despite all these accusations and allegations, The couple has held strong and has been by each other through these times. Khalyla, however, struggled to remain calm and unfazed by all the allegations.

After some time, she was getting severely hurt by them, which could be seen evidently through her posts on social media where she would express her sadness.

On March 14, 2018, Khalyla khun had finally had enough and wrote a post on twitter about the accusations and rumors that are being said against her. She wrote

I had a good job, a nice home by the beach, amazing friends, a humble but comfortable life, all carved out before I met Bobby. I’ve been self-sufficient since I was 17. Yet, all of who I am has been reduced to a 40-second clip taken out of context. Ok, internet, you win, I’m ?.”

This helps to reduce the rumors and the love between the couple has grown stronger. They can be seen spending a lot of time together and this can be seen through their social media posts.

Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby lee TigerBelly Show (podcast and Youtube Channel)

Three months ahead, their relationship in Kuhn and Lee started hosting a podcast together. The podcast which started in 2016 covers numerous topics including entertainment, pop culture, showbiz, politics, racism, sexuality and so on. It airs every Thursday on various popular outlets like itunes, youtube and so on.

Lee and Kuhn address relationship issues through their podcast with their experiences and unique insights. The podcast which currently has over 300k subscribers and over 60 million views on youtube has helped strengthen their love life and the love life of many couples.

The duo has hosted many guests on their podcast including famous comedian and actor Eric Stonestreet and Jordan Peele his counterpart.

Khalyla Kuhn Net Worth and Career

Khalyla Kuhn has not revealed if she is into any other career apart from the podcast and youtube channel she hosts with her husband Bobby.

Although it is a joint venture between the couple, Khalyla has become quite famous since she embarked on her youtube career with her husband bobby lee. Her wealth has steadily increased since then.

According to some authoritative sources, Khalyla Kuhn has an estimated net worth of $1 million which is quite impressive considering the fact that she has only begun her career. Her net value will definitely increase with time if she continues in her career successfully

Khalyla Kuhn’s Social Media

Khalyla since her fame though her podcast and husband has been growing massively on various social media platforms

She currently has a huge following of 182k on her Instagram profile and 24k followers on her twitter account


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Interesting Facts About Bobby Lee’s Wife, Khalyla Kuhn

  • Khalyla Kuhn is 36 Years old as of 2020
  •  Khalyla Kuhn height is an average height of 5 feet and 6 inches, which is equivalent to 1.68 meters
  • Khalyla Khun is a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts(MMA)
  • Khalyla is an animal lover. She loves dogs and cats
  • She rescues endangered dogs and cats and finds homes for them through her Instagram.
  • She is the first and only girlfriend of the famous Comedian and Actor Bobby lee.

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